Unipower Scimitar

The SCIMITAR Series are 1kVA and 2kVA inverters which are 19” rack-mountable and only 1RU high. They operate from a 12V, 24V or 48VDC source and produce a 115 or 230VAC output. The tightly regulated low distortion 50 or 60Hz sine wave is produced by DSP controlled power circuits using an advanced high frequency, pulsewidth modulation technique which achieves up to 92% efficiency. A built-in Static Transfer Switch allows connection of a utility or other AC power source which can be switched to the load automatically in the event that the inverter switches off. In normal operation these inverters isolate the load from wide voltage swings , transients and noise usually present in the AC utility and which can cause equipment reliability problems. Output voltage and frequency are programmable from the front panel, as well as Baud Rate for the RS232 communications interface which can be used for remote monitoring.

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  • 19-Inch x 1UR Rack Mounting
  • 1000 or 2000 VA Output Capacity
  • 115VAC or 230VAC Output
  • 50 or 60Hz Low Distortion Sine Wave
  • 12, 24 or 48VDC Input
  • -20 to +60C Operating Temperature Range
  • Static Transfer Switch Built-in
  • Programmable Output Voltage and Frequency (Front panel DIP switch)
  • Powers Reactive Loads
  • LED Status Display
  • Relay Alarm Output
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    Midwest/Great Plains, National

    Input Voltage

    12, 24, 48



    Output Voltage

    120, 240


    Telecom, Utility

    Product Type

    DC Power

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