Unipower Sageon II

The SAGEON®II Power Module is part of the SAGEON Family of DC Power Plants which all feature a common controller, monitor and control software, and remote communications modules; eliminating the learning curve. The Sageon®II PM Distribution systems is another member of the Sageon Family, this distribution coupled with a Sageon®II Power Module gives you flexibility in mid range DC Power. The system capability ranges from 200A, 400A to 600A with a 20 breaker or 40 breaker distribution selections. As a member of the Sageon family, it has all the capabilities and performance of the Sageon controller functions and accessories. The Sageon®II system comes ready to mount in a mid-mount configuration for installation into standard 19” or 23” relay racks. Flush mount options are available for use with our welded/tiered assemblies.

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  • Compact design with rectifiers at up to 16.1 watts per cubic inch, minimizing space required for installation
  • Remotely monitor and control the complete power system, reducing trips to site and increasing uptime (optional)
  • Automatic or on-demand battery testing, ensures batteries are functioning properly under real world load conditions (optional)
  • Continuous, individual cell level monitoring, providing 24 hour automated out-of-tolerance alarming and detailed identification by cell number (optional)
  • Programmable recharge current limit eliminates overcharging of standby batteries, extending their useful service life (optional)
  • Operating voltage range from 85 to 285 volts AC increases flexibility and ensures unit functions under diverse conditions
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    Output Voltage

    24VDC, 48VDC


    400, 600


    Midwest/Great Plains, National


    Telecom, Utility

    Product Type

    DC Power

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