Mobile Power System

Mobile DC power where you need it…when you need it!

Do you have backup power situations where you need accessible and portable emergency or temporary DC power for critical facilities? Or need reliable, temporary DC power when a critical stationary battery or DC power system is required to be taken out of service for maintenance and/or testing?

HM Cragg has a solution for these and many more backup power situations with our Mobile DC Power System. This is a fully customized and furnished portable backup-power unit designed, engineered and built in-house that caters to electric utility and telecommunications applications. Each DOT compliant unit is constructed to meet the unique specifications and system requirements of each customer.

Ideal DC Power solution for:

  • Electric utilities for switchgear & control and communications, including substation and generating stations and NERC Std. PRC-005 compliance
  • Telecommunications, including central offices, remote switching offices and wireless sites
Watch our product showcase video on the Mobile DC Power System here:


The Mobile DC Power System serves as a durable and easily transportable emergency stationary battery and DC power system. Each unit is custom-designed, engineered and built with a commitment to personnel safety, while providing reliability, functionality and resiliency to your critical power infrastructure.

Mobile DC Power System features:

  • DOT compliant
  • Industry Life Safety Codes and OSHA Standards compliant
  • NRTL safety certified components
  • Multiple DC voltage, battery and battery charger/rectifier technology options
  • Electrical distribution system design that meets or exceeds recommended practices of the latest applicable IEEE standards

Contact us to discuss the full range of features and options available for trailers and add-ons.

HM Cragg's Mobile Power System Brochure

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